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HydroDipping Process Explained.

The Custom Dipping & Coating Process

The object to be dipped must first be prepared ensuring it is clean and oil and grease free, it is then sanded before given a spray painted primer and colour base coat.

In the case it being a metal or alloy object we completely strip all the old painting and coating of it by placing it in our chemical stripping tank after which it can then be powder coated.

There is no limit to the colour of the base coats which can really change the appearance of the object when it is being dipped into the pattern.

Next a PVA film containing the chosen pattern is cut over sized of the chosen object to be dipped. It is then carefully placed on to the surface of a pre-heated tank of water a hydrograhics activator is then sprayed on to the film the polyvinyl backing on the film dissolves and leaves a liquid ink imprinted image floating on the water. The object to be coated is then dipped very carefully into the pattern, the infill of water around the object literally wraps the pattern around it.

The object is then rinsed and dried before a high quality automotive lacquer is applied to form a tough and durable finish to protect it.